Our Vision

The company’s basic idea is to provide air transport services to the Adriatic Sea, as well as to introduce innovation in tourist offerings in the area through panoramic excursions.

Split Air was founded 2003. In the first years of our operation our primary activities were aerial photography and aerial survey. Flights were performed with our Cessna 182 and we were offering our services to photographers who were looking for great opportunities to take photos of touristically attractive targets. Those kinds of photos were used for touristic marketing purposes. A few years later, we started cooperation with Geokarta, a company specialized in geodetic projects. Their entusiasm and faith in new state of the art technology resulted in purchasing of an airborne digital camera system, specially designed for aerial survey missions. We have modified our airplane and successfully started flying aerial survey missions.


Another interesting activity offered by our company is skydiving. Our airplane has a skydiving kit installed, so it is technically acceptable to take skydivers up to 3000 meters so they can jump and enjoy such an adrenaline rush. Also, it is possible to organize tandem jumps, where the client is linked to the tandem master, so he/she can enjoy a jump without having to undergo days of training like individual skydivers have to. In 2017 we have invested in equipping of another airplane, Cessna 172 and we have been issued an Air Operator Certificate that is allowing us to perform commercial panoramic flights from Sinj airfield. 


Our Founder

Mr. Ivan Raos is a graduated aeronautical engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the air traffic industry. He is the founder and director of the company Split Air d.o.o. His professional career begun with engaging in the business of air taxi transportation “Air Dalmatia”. After that, he continued working at Split Airport performing jobs related to “weight and balance”. Along with the constant development of his professional pilot capabilities, Mr. Raos founded his own company “Split Air d.o.o.” in 2003. Split Air primarily provides air navigation, surveillance and photography services. Definitely, to this day, Mr. Raos remains one of the most recognizable persons in the field of aeronautics in Croatia.

Also, to provide maximum efficiency and safety Split Air has also established its own maintenance organization and has been issued a certificate that guarantees maintenance is performed in accordance with strict European aviation safety agency rules. Personnel involved in Maintenance activity are members of our team with more than 20 years of experience in similar work environments. Maintenance activities are performed in our own hangar at Split airport, where we have all tools, equipment and spare parts available. Not even a minor technical incident has been recorded during more than a decade of operations under our maintenance organization. Our Part M Subpart F organization

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